Guard rails – how to create a safe space for a child?

Guard rail for a baby, guard rail, baby gate, or simply stairs guard rail – no matter what you call it, it is essential in your house when your Little One starts crawling and then when they start taking first steps. That’s when this irresistible yearning for exploring awakens inside of a little child.  Rummaging in the house in places that are not intended for children may be fun for children, but is it safe? Buying a guardrail will ensure comfort for you and safety for your child. In my offer, you will find guard rails in white, black, and grey. Such a minimalistic and at the same time versatile design will ensure that it will suit any interior.

Guard rail for stairs – what to take into consideration while picking this type of equipment

If you are confronted with the dilemma of picking a guard rail it is worth thinking of a few things:

The construction of the guard rail for children

The design of the guard rail for stairs or for doors is one of the key elements, which should be considered. The most important thing is that it is sturdy and strong enough so that the child cannot open it on their own or what is worse, disassemble it.

Another thing is the height of the guard rail and the spacing of the rungs. First of all, the guard rail cannot be too low, since the little ones sometimes have the supernatural talent to climb so the low guard rail at some point will not be an obstacle for them. Second of all, the spacing of the rungs should make it impossible for a child to squeeze between them.


The guard rail is designed to protect the child from possible danger, which is why its construction should be carefully considered. The edges of MoMi PAXI are rounded, which is why they will not injure the Little One.

Guard rail assembly

The guard rail is a temporary element of your home so it is better if it does not require interference with the walls. The guard rails in MoMi’s offer do not require drilling or the use of specialized tools, so they do not damage the wall in any way. PAXI guard rails are quick and easy to mount and their manufacture from high-quality materials make them sturdy, durable and resistant to mechanical damage. What is important, MoMi safety gates are so adjustable that everyone will successfully fit the model to their own needs. This is because the set includes two extensions of 7 cm and 14 cm, which allow you to achieve the optimal width of up to 103 cm.

Closing the security gate

A very important thing to consider when choosing a safety guard for stairs is also how it will close and open. It is worth bearing in mind here that even the smallest children can be very clever, which makes it worth investing in a gate with a double-locking mechanism that will prevent the child from opening the security gate by themselves.


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