How to choose your first stroller? part I

Choosing a baby stroller, especially the first one, is not the easiest task. After all, among the wide assortment available on the market it is difficult to find the right one, which  will meet very often the high and quite exorbitant expectations of future Parents. In this joyful time of waiting for the birth of a baby, I would like to share my experience with you. I have collected the most important information about baby strollers in one place. What are the types of baby strollers? What to pay attention to when choosing them? How to fit a stroller to individual needs? You will read about all this in my guide. Check below!

Types of baby strollers

Before, as a Mom-to-be, you start choosing a baby stroller, it is worthwhile for you to learn about their types and features. Currently, the market has formed a fairly clear division of baby strollers, among which we can distinguish two main categories - strollers and multifunctional prams.


Strollers are models that work well for children over 6 months of age. Such models can come in a forward-facing or rearward-facing seat. Most modern strollers are equipped with a swivel function, so parents can decide for themselves which way the toddler is looking.

Multifunction prams

Multifunction prams are a solution that combines the features of both a stroller and a pram with a carrycot. On the market there are models of multifunctional prams 2in1, 3in1 and 4in1. They differ not only in the available functions or equipment, but also in their purpose.

2-in-1 baby prams are characterized by a soft and comfortable carrycot for the toddler, which can be successfully converted into an equally comfortable stroller seat later in life (usually after 6 months).

3-in-1 prams are models that combine the features of a carrycot, stroller and car seat. The car seat in such models can also serve as a carrier, which definitely increases the comfort and convenience of moving with the toddler, especially when going to the clinic or for a quick shopping trip.

4-in-1 prams - act as a pram with a carrycot, a stroller, a car seat and a base for the car seat. The base for the car seat, which is included in the equipment, should facilitate its installation in the car.

What to pay attention to when choosing a stroller for your baby?

When choosing a stroller for your baby, you need to pay attention to several important details, such as:

  • Stroller stability - the structure should be made of high-quality aluminum, aluminum alloy, or magnesium.

  • Materials - the carrycot in a pram should be made of soft, pleasant to the touch materials and, above all, non-allergenic materials. Also important are the heat-insulating properties of such a carrycot, which will keep the toddler extremely comfortable both on hot summer days and in the cold winter.

  • The presence of additional equipment - baby carriages are sold in both basic and extended variants. It is worth noting whether the equipment includes a protective film, mosquito net or a bag for essential baby accessories.

  • Size and maneuverability of wheels and adjustable shock absorbers - large, maneuverable wheels make the stroller easier to drive, especially on difficult ground.
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