Is it worth buying a co-sleeper cot

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. Wouldn’t you agree?

Nonetheless, you keep asking yourself why the babies spend so much time sleeping during the day. Below, you will find some interesting facts which will help you understand why sleep is so important for the correct development of your baby.

Did you know that your child learns intensely when sleeping? During the sleep, the child’s brain structures all the information collected during the day which enables them to consolidate the activities and new skills.

Are you aware that the child grows when sleeping? I am not kidding! Those are not just stories told by our grandmas! It is during the sleep when the pituitary gland produces the highest amounts of the growth hormone.

Do you know that the appropriate amount of sleep provides immunity to your child? When sleeping, the internal organs regenerate, the muscles relax, the heart and kidney activity becomes slower. Your child’s brain rests as well. This means that sleep enables the body to regenerate and to facilitate the immune system operation by the more intense synthesis of immune antibodies.

How much sleep does my child need?

Children’s sleep demand changes depending on their age and development stage. Over time, the total amount of sleep reduces gradually and the night sleep length increases. It is believed that the infants of 0 to 3 months need the most sleep, amounting to ca. 14–17 hours. Infants aged 4–11 months  need just 12–15 hours of sleep. For a one-year-old, this demand is reduced to ca. 11–14 hours, and for nursery-school children ca. 10 hours of night sleep are enough.

Is it worth buying a co-sleeper cot?

A co-sleeper cot will serve you well for the first few months of your baby’s life. Does it seem to be a period too short to invest in it? Believe me, it is really worth it. Besides, you can choose a model with a playpen function to be able to use it longer.

The first months of with a new baby are very exciting but, let us not deceive ourselves, difficult as well. A co-sleeper cot will be the best friend of a nursing mum and will make it easier to take care of your baby at night. A co-sleeper cot has many other advantages.

It is a perfect compromise during the everlasting fight for whether the child should sleep alone or together with you. The baby sleeps in their own cot, but close enough for you not to be forced to get up from your own bed every now and then.

-At night, we all do some uncontrolled movements. Laying your child down in a co-sleeper cot, you may be certain that you will not do any accidental harm to them.

-This cot is the best friend of breastfeeding mums. It is able to eliminate getting up, night trips and feeding in an armchair. It relieves your spine as well

-You have your baby close at all times. Sometimes, when they cry or wake up, it is enough to stretch your arm and stroke their head delicately. You need not get up whenever the baby calls you.

-Thanks to the co-sleeper cot, your baby will feel safe and, consequently, their sleep will be calmer.

What makes MoMi cots unique?

-Surely, this is their multifunctionality MoMi FIBI is both a standard cot and a co-sleeper cot. What is more, it is lightweight and can be folded quickly, meaning it will also be great when traveling. MoMi SMART BED is a 4-in-1 product. You can use it both as a free-standing cot and a co-sleeper cot put at the parents’ bed. Thanks to its compact size and low weight, MoMi SMART BED will be great as a travel cot and a playpen for older babies.

Adjustable mattress inclination angle turns out your friend when the baby has a cold. Setting the appropriate inclination angle will help them breathe when they have a runny nose.

-You need not worry that MoMi cots will not fit your bedroom bed. Thanks to their multi-step adjustment, you can easily adapt their height to your needs.

-Under the MoMi SMART BED there is a practical, closed container where you can place the most useful things, including nappies, a pacifier or a blanket. Thanks to that, you will always have all the necessary things at hand. MoMi FIBI, on the other hand, has a comfortable, textile shelf for the baby’s accessories.

-MoMi cots are made from high-quality materials and hold all type approvals and quality certificates required to sell products on the European market.

So what, is it time for a nap? Lie down as well, the ironing can wait. ?

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