Side crib - is it worth investing in?

A crib for a baby is, despite appearances, not as easy a subject as it might seem. After all, there are as many as three options to choose from on the market, each of which has many advantages and benefits to offer. Among them are, of course, traditional cribs with wooden rungs, side crib and travel cribs. Today I'll discuss the latter, namely side crib, which are now a must-have item on a baby's travel list. Why are they so popular? How to choose a good side crib?


What is a side crib?

The closer you get to giving birth, the more and more questions and unknowns clutter your head? It's not a bad thing, I had that too. One of the dilemmas that kept me guessing was whether to let the baby sleep with me or teach him to sleep separately from the beginning? Today I know that closeness also at night is very important, especially if you're a breastfeeding Mom, so it doesn't surprise me that nowadays side beds are the most popular among young Parents.


But what is an side bed? This is nothing more than a type of crib that can be successfully added to any bedroom bed. Its characteristic feature is a special design, which, combined with its small size, allows the crib to be accurately attached to the parents' bed and connected by special straps, so that it forms a single unit. Thanks to this, the Toddler has its own safe space to rest, and at the same time feels the closeness of the Parents.


Advantages and benefits of buying an side bed for children

An side bed is an increasingly common choice of young parents. No wonder, it has so many advantages that it is impossible not to mention them. Among the most important ones are:

- maintaining proximity on the line Toddler-Parent - an extra bed on the one hand provides proximity to the Parent, and on the other hand guarantees the Toddler his own safe sleeping space;

- beneficial effect on the baby's sleep - an extra bed gives a sense of closeness with the Parent, so the Toddler is calmer and falls asleep faster.

- providing comfort and convenience for Parents - an side bed directly next to the Parents' bed eliminates the problem of repeatedly getting up during the night, for example, when the baby cries;

- nighttime breastfeeding without having to get up - an extra bed means that Mom doesn't have to get out of bed to breastfeed the baby. All she has to do is move the baby closer to her, and after feeding is over, she can safely put it back in the crib without having to get up;

- mobility - the rollaway crib is fully mobile, which means that it can be conveniently attached to one or the other side of the bed, or even moved to another room.

I also cannot mention that this kind of product was created not only for comfort and convenience, but also for small and cramped spaces. It will be perfect for a small bedroom, where there is definitely not enough space to set up a large traditional wooden bed.


What kind of an extra bed to choose?

MoMi offers functional, comfortable and, above all, safe side bed cribs, including

smart 3-in-1 models that can perform as many as three different functions - the function of an infant bed, an extra bed and a playpen. Such a solution will be ideal for all Parents who appreciate functionality and ergonomics at the highest level.

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