What kind of helmet for a Child will be appropriate? What should I pay attention to when buying one?

Every cyclist, even the youngest Little Cyclist, should be equipped with a good quality helmet that will guarantee not only adequate comfort, but above all safety. What kind of bicycle helmet for Kids to choose, so that it is both safe and comfortable? What should Parents looking for helmets for Children pay attention to? The answers to these and other questions can be found in my post. I cordially invite you to read it, which I hope will bring you, dear Parents, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts closer to buying the right helmet for a Toddler.


Is a bicycle helmet for Children mandatory?


As of today, there is no statutory obligation for Children riding bicycles or roller skates to wear a helmet. Nevertheless, it is worth equipping your Child with this type of protection. Properly selected accessories for Children, especially bicycle helmets definitely increase the safety of riding, but equally importantly, effectively protect against unforeseen situations that may occur during a bicycle trip. Here MoMi offers a series of durable lightweight and comfortable MoMi MIMI helmets.


When should a Child wear a bicycle helmet?

Riding a classic bike, a balance bike, a scooter, rollerblades or roller skates are some of the most common outdoor activities. And the ongoing spring and increasingly warmer days are a great opportunity for this. Regardless of whether our Children are starting out on their own, or are still sitting in a bike seat, it is absolutely essential to wear a bicycle helmet for the ultimate comfort and safety of the little cyclist. For Children helmets come in interesting colors and designs, so the Toddler will certainly enjoy wearing one.


What kind of bicycle helmet for a Child to choose?

Helmet to helmet is unequal, so when planning to buy a helmet for your Child, pay attention to some important information. The first should be, of course, the type of helmet, and more specifically, the bike on which the Toddler will ride. After all, a different helmet for the Child will work for riding in a bicycle seat, another for a balance bike and scooter, and yet another for a classic bicycle with pedals.


Helmet for Child for bicycle seat

Adapted for bicycle seats, Children's helmets are most often characterized by a specially contoured rear part of the helmet so that the Child can lean comfortably in the seat. Such models, due to their small size, work well as helmets for a one-year-old Child, but this does not mean that on the market you will not also find bicycle seat helmets for older Children.


Balance bike and scooter for Children

In the case of the Child's use of a balance bicycle or scooter, you can be guided by the choice of a helmet, which will be similar in size and shape to models, such as those aimed at bicycle seats. Child's rides on a balance bicycle begin as early as 18 months of age. The first helmet, therefore, should be a helmet for a 2-year-old.

Helmet for a Child on a bicycle with pedals

When choosing a helmet for a classic bicycle for a Child, it is worth paying attention to whether it has the appropriate adjustments, ventilation, but most importantly, whether the size suits the needs of a particular Toddler. 

Regardless of what kind of helmet for a Child on a bicycle you are looking for, it is worth checking when choosing a particular model whether it has adequate ventilation holes, soft padding to guarantee high comfort, but also a hard shell, made preferably of durable and damage-resistant ABS material. You will find such models at MoMi.

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