What to keep in mind when choosing a baby rocker?

What is most important in choosing a rocker?

Babies loves rockers - at least up to a certain age. A soft bed makes the baby comfortable and comfy.

The rockers can have skids or stand on a special base that allows you to move the construction. In addition, some electric models have a timer that turns off the rocking function after a certain time.

When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the additional accessories of the rocker, such as a three-dimensional pillowcase. Thanks to it, your Child will be able to enjoy additional sensory experiences. Often such a pillowcase can be additionally removed and washed, as in the MoMi LUMIWOOD rocker.


When choosing a baby's rocker, it is also worth paying attention to:

·          Seat belts - children already at the age of about 4 months begin to roll over to the side. It is important to choose safe rocker with three- or five-point safety belts.

·         Certificates - it's worth checking whether rocker has the appropriate standard, which specifies the safety requirements and corresponding methods of testing them for infant rockers. These standards determine whether the product meets European standards.

·         The ability to remove the upholstery and wash it - rockers get dirty. It is worth checking whether the model you are interested in has removable upholstery. Such a solution can be found, among others, in the MoMi LUIS rocker.

·          Duration the rocker will serve your Child - some models have special inserts, so that already tiny children are safe in the rocker, and when they grow up, they will still be able to use it.

·         Possibility to lock the rocking - we do not always want the baby to rock. It is worth checking if the rocker has a rocking lock function.

Additional features - if we have a choice of several models that meet our expectations, it is worth checking what additional features they have. This may be, for example, the ability to make a rocker into a feeding chair, or if it has a toy bar.

Electric rockers have become fashionable in recent years. They have several rocking options or play children's melodies. Some of the rockers have a bluetooth connection that allows you to turn on the melody from your phones. Such an option is available in MoMi LAMI's rockers.



A baby's rocker is a very useful tool that can help moms soothe your Baby and keep him comfortable. When choosing a baby's rocker, keep in mind some important points, such as safety, comfort and functionality. A good rocker should be made of baby-safe materials, have a stable design and be easy to clean. It is worth paying attention to whether it offers additional features and adjustments that will help adjust it to the individual needs of the Child.


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